Welcome to our Crime Prevention and Improvement District Website!


The Officers and Board of Directors of the Woodlawn Estates Crime Prevention and Improvement District in conjunction with the Woodlawn Estates Civic Association would like to welcome you to our neighborhood and our website!

Included in the website is a Calendar of Events, Board Meeting Minutes, Yard of the Month, Architectural Control Committee Request Form and Security/Vacation Patrol Request Form.  

If this is your first visit to the website click the "Please login or register" link in the upper right corner and complete the information requested.  If you are a homeowner, your membership will be approved and you will be emailed login information.  Once you have registered you will be given access to information provided to homeowners only.  All neighbor information is private, password protected and will not be shared.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact any of the Board of Directors listed.  We would appreciate hearing from you, our residents.  If someone is interested in an officer/board position or would like to volunteer for a committee, we encourage you to get involved.  

Quarterly meetings are held at the Jones Creek Library to inform homeowners of budget requests and other community announcements. These meetings also provide homeowners with the opportunity to voice their opinions on upcoming events and to volunteer as commission members as term openings become available.

The community demographics include all ages, ethnic groups, religions and social status. Areas surrounding the community are growing rapidly!  The Woodlawn Estates Crime Prevention and Improvement District (WECPID) is dedicated to improving the lives of the community as well as ensuring home values remain the highest in the surrounding area!